Medication manufacturing

  1. Modern full cycle production site with capacity of 200 million tablets and capsules per annum
  2. Equipemnt and infrastructure corresponding to European standards of management of pharmaceutical production
  3. High qualification of production,  engineering and technical personnel
  4. Strong opportunities for contractual  production with partial or full technology transfer
  5. VIVA Pharms Scientific research laboratory( Research&Development department) is in search of new technologies and conducts modern complex experimental research to create new generic medications
  6. Assortment of products manufactured by  VIVA Pharm production site includes both prescription and non-prescription medications
  7. Our company supplies to the market:

    - cardiological medications
    - antihistamines
    - anti-viral medications
    - analgetics
    - medications for treatment of CNS
    - vitamins​​

  8. ​We keep constantly expanding our product assortment  by responding to the society requests and requirements of modern medicine
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