Logistics and distribution

Logistics and distribution


  • Cooperation with foreign companies.
  • Direct deliveries of products from manufacturers.
  • Logistics service - transportation, customs cleaning, safety and quality assessment.


Complies with international GDP quality standards New warehouse for 500 pallets.


Work with distributors, pharmacy chains and pharmacies throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan Participation in public procurement and in tenders of the Single Distributor.

Storage in the mode of a customs warehouse

  • VIVA PHARM” LLP Customs Storage Warehouse is entered into the register of the owners of customs warehouses of open type premises under the No. 554-Б from 13.08.2014.
  • Customs Storage Warehouse consists of three, separately located premises.
  • Euro-warehouses of the “A” class are destined for storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products.
  • Overall occupied area of the warehouses amounts 1000 m2.
  • Warehouse premises, at the temperature from +15C0 to +25C0, allow to store on the conditions of shelf placement to 1000 euro-pallet places.
  • Customs Storage Warehouse is provided with all up-dated equipment. The latest contemporary technologies allow to provide customers with uninterrupted and qualitative services.
  • Warehouses are equipped with modern ventilation and air condition system, there is autonomous heating system that gives us opportunity to comply with all necessary. requirements on medical means storage. The control over the air temperature and humidity is carried on within 24 hours.
  • In the warehouses the mopping is executed every day, once a month, there are held the sanitary days.
  • The events on desinsection/desinfestation are regularly conducted.
  • There are executed the video monitoring. Warehouses are equipped with fire and security alarms.

Our service:

  • Complete cargos handling (unloading, shipping, shelf stocking).
  • Customs clearance of cargos in the “customs warehouse” mode.
  • 100% insurance of the goods placed at the warehouse.
  • Preparation of documents set, for customs procedures, to the distributors.
  • Services on reexport of goods to the countries of Central Asia and Mongolia.
  • Our partners are: SANDOZ, Novartis Pharma, Bayer Pharma, Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals, Orion Corporation, Alvogen Malta Operation.
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