Pharmacovigilance and drug safety monitoring


Pharmacovigilance and drug safety monitoring

VIVA Pharm cares for safety monitoring of medicinal products manufactured and supplied to the pharmaceutical markets of Kazakhstan and other countries.

Following international standards and current legislation on drug circulation, we collect and analyze information on adverse events and the interaction of authorized medicinal products, and actively cooperate with regulatory authorities in accordance with the adopted pharmacovigilance system.

If you become aware of adverse reactions manifested during the administration of medicinal products of VIVA Pharm, please fill out the adverse reaction reporting form or call the Department of Regulatory Support, Pharmacovigilance and medicinal products safety of VIVA Pharm by phone 8 (727) 383 74 63.

All information provided to the Company's pharmacovigilance department is strictly confidential and shall be kept confidential except as required by law.

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