Consulting in registration

Consulting in registration

Registration of medications form an integral part of introduction of the product to the market with the purpose of further promotion.

Team of specialists from the Department of regulatory support, pharmacovigilance and medication safety offers VIVA Pharm partners full support in registration, reregistration and also in amendment of registration profiles for medications in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

Functions of the Department include complex service in state registration for medications, medical products, and medical equipments of national and foreign manufacturing. We work with both innovational medications including orphan products and generics and biosimilars of different action spectrums. Besides that specialists of our company have established efficient work in terms of pharmacovigilance of registered medications.

Our strong professional experience and constant control of amendments to the legal regulations help us also offer high quality consulting service and guarantee holistic approach to resolution of difficult situations in compliance with legislation.

In addition, the specialists of our company have organized a well-functioning work on pharmacovigilance of registered drugs, which provides registrants who are partners of VIVA Pharm with timely monitoring of the safety of medicines.

Extensive professional experience and constant monitoring of changes in legal requirements allow us to provide high quality consulting services and guarantee a comprehensive approach to resolving complex situations within the framework of the law.

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